With my work I try to turn to the observer as a spiritual being …

Abstract art starts from the premise of abstracting something from a particular. To transcend is to go beyond the reality of the physical universe, of thought, of reason. Knowing how to be totally estranged. My pictorial-sculptural line therefore does not take its cue from material elements, from images or mental elaborations, but is the individual as a spiritual being who creates, free from any interference “
Eugenio Galli

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multimaterial on canvas

Oil on canvas

elegy of white


S.T.P. 2013 cm.38 cor-ten_900x1200



They wrote about me

…. An alternation of explosions, harmonious curves and multi-material canvases; works that invade the space of continuous exchanges and emotional references. Art is the science of the soul, the research tool of being, of true being. Art and life have never been divisible and even more are not now, since in observing Galli’s works the visual perception is affected by the experience of the user, to which emotions and feelings resurface to which art gives voice!
Michela Spagnolello 2019
….. Eugenio Galli has a very fine contact with reality. But it follows another path: it creates a sovereign vocabulary in expressing itself. So we find here “invented”, abstract paintings, which serve with their play of shapes and colors to evoke a shiver of beauty in all attentive observers ……
Gyorgy Szabò 2000
His vision of the world is linked to the limited space and time in which we are all forced, Galli’s painting is a sort of challenge to go beyond these limits, to overcome them. Another component that often returns to this artist’s painting is a profound philosophy of white, as if it were a vision that appears, disappears and recurs. Furthermore, white is a difficult color to deal with. Although apparently immediate, Eugenio Galli studies it, elaborating it until it becomes completed with material fragments, of the same color, which however dilate the spaces overlapping them.
Vittorio Sutto 2009

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The individual can create by drawing out “inspiration” from himself and as a spiritual being he does not need to refer to any element of the material world. This approach to creation, said in this way, could appear as something random but this is not because here we have the awareness of being. Hence Transcendence in the etymological sense of the word: to go beyond, beyond the material world.

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